How To Remove Beer Stains From Carpet

A usual Sunday morning in a usual person’s life is really very usual. You spent your weekend night with a bunch of alcoholic friends, who know nothing except to have fun on a goddamn weekend which only comes in a person’s life after tolerating 5 consecutive days of stress, pressure and god knows what else. To rebound from this, you need fun and how’s fun without beer? I don’t want you to imagine that. But once this fun is over, you’re left with a piled-up busy Sunday. No one likes a hangover and mess all around. Oh, and how can you forget? The beer stain on your carpet… 

Our carpet is the battleground of the weekend, where all things crash and land. In a way, you can gather the damage report from your carpet. The worst part is beer stain, it’s a mark which won’t go away easily and imprints there for always. It’ll remind you of the stupidity you did on the weekend. Hmm… I don’t want you to generalize things here, beer is a universal synonym for having fun and you don’t need any weekend to have fun. So, cut to the chase, here’s how you can remove beer stains from your carpet in 5 easy steps.

Steps To Make Beer Stain Disappear

More difficult than beer stain is beer smell, therefore, you need something which can make beer stain and smell both disappear. So, follow this step:

Blot The Beer Stain

To begin with beer stain cleaning, first, blot the beer stain. To do that take a soft microfibre cloth and press it against the beer stain. The cloth will absorb the excess wet beer. If the stain is dry, proceed to the next step.

Make A Detergent Solution

Applying detergent solution on the beer stain is best. It not only removes the stain spot it also repels the beer smell. To make the detergent solution, add ¼ of liquid detergent into one cup of warm water. Mix it well and pour it into a plastic spray bottle. 

Apply Detergent Solution On Beer Stain

Spray the solution over the stain and let it sit. Wait for a few minutes and then again apply the solution. Now, take the microfibre cloth and absorb the detergent solution by blotting it. When you’re done, spray fresh water on it and again blot the carpet using a microfiber cloth.

Beer Stain Removal Using Vinegar

You can also remove beer stain and smell using vinegar. Just add 2 tablespoons of vinegar to 4 cups of warm water. Pour this into a spray can and apply it to the beer stain spot on the carpet. The process will be the same in both cases.

Why Hiring Professional Carpet Cleaners is a Better Idea?

The answer is obvious, while you’ll clean only one spot of your carpet, the professional will clean the whole carpet. At Carpet Cleaning Ormeau we offer quality carpet cleaning services at a really affordable price. In our carpet steam cleaning service, we clean all types of stain and remove odour from the carpet. Our carpet steam cleaning solvent contains fabric conditioner and mild detergent. This solvent goes deep into the carpet fabric and removes bacteria and odour. After the cleaning, you’ll have a fresh carpet with no stain, odour and dirt.